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The Cactus Foundation is an African based, direct action organisation for the protection and welfare of animals and children on the continent.

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Founded in 2021, the Cactus Foundation is dedicated to promoting both children’s education and animal welfare in Africa. Understanding the vital link between educating young minds and the treatment of animals, we are committed to instructing children on animal welfare as well as rescuing animals in distress.

Our initiatives have resulted in the establishment of a rescue and rehabilitation center for animals affected by abuse, neglect, or trafficking, equipped with an on-site veterinary clinic to ensure their recovery and health.

Simultaneously, we have launched comprehensive educational programs for children. These initiatives aim to cultivate a sense of responsibility and kindness in children towards animals, instilling values of compassion, empathy, and respect for all living beings and the environment.
By integrating our efforts in animal welfare with educational programs focused on environmental sustainability, we strive to foster a future where children and animals can coexist in harmony. The Cactus Foundation is devoted to creating an environment of mutual respect and care, placing equal importance on children’s education and animal welfare in preserving the planet for generations to come.

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At the Foundation we are passionate about our continent and her unique flora and fauna, acknowledging our responsibility as custodians, and mindful of handing this custodial responsibility on to future generations.

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