Cactus Team at the Lusaka District Kennel Club’s ‘Dog and Family Fun Day’

by Milimo Namangala

Luxmore (left) guides Jireh through an obstacles course during the Lusaka District Kennel Club’s Dog and Family Fun Day

On Saturday 8 July 2023, The stage was set for an unforgettable event, where the incredible Cactus team, comprising shelter dogs and their dedicated trainers, took center stage. With Jireh under the guidance of Luxmore, Frank and Wanda, Tio and Arrow, and Tammy trained by Justin, the Cactus team was ready to showcase their talents and spread a wave of positivity.

Embracing Positive Reinforcement: At the heart of the Lusaka District Kennel Club’s philosophy lies a profound commitment to positive reinforcement in dog training. The Cactus Foundation, driven by a shared passion for canine well-being, eagerly embraced this approach.

A Generous Gift: The air was buzzing with anticipation as the Cactus team prepared to demonstrate their skills. Amidst the enthusiastic atmosphere, Rebecca Davidson and her wonderful family presented the Cactus Foundation with a generous prize donation. Their act of kindness filled our hearts with gratitude and reinforced the collective efforts to create a brighter future for shelter dogs. We extend our deepest appreciation to the Davidson family for their incredible support.

Behind the Scenes: A successful event requires meticulous planning and dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to make it all possible. Timothy Craig, the mastermind behind the ‘A Dog and Family Fun Day,’ deserves special recognition for bringing this extraordinary event to life. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to share such an eventful time with fellow dog lovers, thanks to Timothy’s dedication and passion.

In addition, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Vicky Matthews, the Head Trainer and Vice Chairperson of the Kennel Club, and Pat Bona, the Club’s esteemed Chairperson. Their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts contributed to the event’s success. Their warm hospitality and dedication to fostering a harmonious environment for dogs and their families made the experience truly memorable.

Smiles, Laughter, and Lessons: As the event unfolded, the air was filled with contagious smiles and joyful laughter. Families and their beloved dogs came together, forging new connections and celebrating the beauty of the human-canine bond. But amidst the laughter, valuable lessons were learned. The event became a classroom, teaching us the importance of discipline and intelligence in nurturing well-behaved and clever dogs.

A Crucial Reminder: Through this incredible experience, we were reminded of the significant role socialization plays in shaping a dog’s abilities. Without proper socialization, we cannot fully witness the remarkable potential within our canine companions. It is through events like the ‘Dog and Family Fun Day’ that we come to appreciate the extraordinary things dogs can achieve when nurtured in a supportive and caring environment.

Sponsor Timothy Craig, Vicky Matthews, Head Trainer and Vice Chairperson of the Lusaka District Kennel Club, and Pat Bona, the club’s Chairperson, Join the Joyful Cactus Team and their Exceptional Dogs

In conclusion, the Cactus team’s journey at the ‘Dog and Family Fun Day’ was a testament to the incredible bonds we share with our four-legged friends. It reminded us of the immeasurable joy they bring into our lives and the transformative power of positive reinforcement.

Thank you, Lusaka District Kennel Club, for championing this cause and providing a platform to celebrate the love, loyalty, and laughter that dogs bring into our lives.

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