Uniting Against Animal Cruelty: A Lusaka Case Study

In January 2023, the residents of Lusaka, a well-known neighborhood in Zambia, were jolted by a disturbing incident that underscored the importance of animal welfare and the need for swift and comprehensive action to combat cruelty to animals. The Lusaka Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) and the Cactus Foundation, both dedicated to promoting animal welfare and […]

Emmanuel’s Compassion: Rescuing Puma from Neglect in Salama Park

On 2 March 2023, we received information about an abandoned dog named Puma, left alone in an unfinished building at Salama Park. This heartbreaking situation was reported to us by a compassionate individual named Emmanuel, who expressed deep concern for Puma’s wellbeing. Emmanuel shared that the house where Puma was abandoned was unfinished and unoccupied. […]

Rescuing Dogs from Impending Tragedy: A Mukushi Case Study

Introduction: The case study revolves around the dire situation faced by 70 dogs impounded en route from Zambia to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) under suspicion of involvement in the meat trade. The dogs’ conditions were precarious, and over half of them had already succumbed to the extreme heat and suffocation. An alarming court […]

A Sweet Girl’s Remarkable Transformation

Less than 6 weeks ago, we received a sweet girl who had been living in deplorable conditions and was suffering from severe mange, a heart-wrenching sight that touched our hearts. Without hesitation, we rushed her to Dr. Tommy, our trusted veterinarian, who began her treatment journey. Thanks to your generous support, we provided her with […]

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