The Cactus Foundation paid Twende Education a visit to celebrate Christmas with the children. We offer gratitude to everyone who played a role in making today a reality. Your generous donations, precious time, effort, and steadfast support have made a difference. The children radiated happiness, and it warms our hearts to witness such pure joy. […]

Nurturing The Next Generation for Animal Welfare

Innocent Phiri, a young aspiring veterinarian, recently made a heartfelt visit to the Cactus Foundation’s shelter, leaving a lasting impact on our mission for animal welfare. His deep-rooted passion for animals and unwavering dedication to their well-being is nothing short of inspiring. During his visit, Innocent spent quality time bonding with our beloved furry residents […]

The Inspiring Journey of Jasper, the Two-Legged Wonder Dog

By Milimo Namangala Pravin Abraham and Dorie DeGroat adopted a dog named Kaza, who is now known as Jasper. They met Jasper at Loving Hand Veterinary Clinic, located on Upbridgeville Road, where one of their rescue cats had hip surgery and stayed for seven weeks due to complications. During their visits to the clinic, they […]

Cactus Monthly Issue 1

Our monthly issue brings you stories of hope, rescue, and dedication. Discover the impact of the Cactus Foundation as we strive to make a difference in the lives of animals. Join us on this journey of compassion and change.

Story Weaver reads to children at Herzlia Highlands in Cape Town 

By Patricia Schonstein Herzlia Highlands Primary school in Cape Town, recently held an arts and culture week, with two days specially given to books and reading. Our Story Weaver was invited to share how Phoebe came to be an ambassador for animal rights, and to read poems from The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children. […]

Keep Your Furry Friend’s Unwanted Guests Out

Deworming: Essential Preventative Care for Your Pets We all want our pets to live healthy and vibrant lives. That’s why deworming is a crucial part of their care regimen. It not only ensures their well-being but also safeguards your family. Parasites, both internal and external, can affect your furry friends, and some of them can […]

Story Weaver reads to children at Sunflower and Liyabona libraries in Cape Town 

By Patricia Schonstein The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children opens with an important directive from Phoebe, our ambassador for animal rights: ‘Be kind to all creatures, great and small’.  Our Story Weaver, Patricia, took this message to the Sunflower Library at Zonnebloem Girls’ Primary, and Liyabona Library at Holy Cross Convent in District Six, […]

Unveiling Animal Cruelty: Support the Cactus Foundation’s Mission

The Cactus Foundation presents a powerful story that exposes the heartbreaking truth of animal cruelty. Witness the unwavering dedication of our rescue team, the alarming discoveries made by Dr. Tommy, and the urgent call for your support. Join us on this journey as we shine a light on the plight of innocent animals and work […]

Lusaka District Kennel Club Highlights

Some highlights from ‘Dog and Family Fun Day’ event at the Lusaka District Kennel Club. We thank them for the opportunity to have learned and bonded with dog lovers and develop warmer closeness with our shelter dogs.

Cactus Team at the Lusaka District Kennel Club’s ‘Dog and Family Fun Day’

by Milimo Namangala On Saturday 8 July 2023, The stage was set for an unforgettable event, where the incredible Cactus team, comprising shelter dogs and their dedicated trainers, took center stage. With Jireh under the guidance of Luxmore, Frank and Wanda, Tio and Arrow, and Tammy trained by Justin, the Cactus team was ready to […]

“Kodak is Divine”

Kodak's energetic spirit shines as he joyfully explores the great outdoors The Cactus Foundation African charity supporting dogs and children

Step into the captivating world of Kodak, an exceptional companion whose inspiring journey has touched the hearts of all who encounter him. Sarah Clayton, founder of the Cactus Foundation, succinctly captures the essence of Kodak’s remarkable spirit with the powerful words, “Kodak is divine.” Join us as we delve into his extraordinary life, a testament […]

A Heartwarming Encounter with Adorable at Fountain of Hope

The Cactus Foundation team had the privilege of meeting a group of exceptionally intelligent and kind children at the Fountain of Hope. Recognizing their need for greater awareness about dogs and cats, we enthusiastically shared insights on the significance of animal welfare, leaving a lasting impact on these young minds. In the spirit of fostering […]

1st Annual Golf Day

1st Annual Golf Day

1st Annual Golf Day

A Rescue in Time for Christmas

by Milimo Namangala Dasher was rescued from Children who were stoning him, despite being in a critical condition infested with ticks and suffering from poor nutrition. Unfortunately, children cultivating a habit of stoning animals, such as dogs and cats, in communities is seen as a norm by them. They lack understanding of the idea that […]

ZNBC Interview

Cactus Foundation - ZNBC

ZNBC Interview Cactus Foundation · Cactus Foundation – ZNBC

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