How do we work?

The Cactus Foundation is an African based, direct action

organisation for the protection and welfare of animals and

children on the continent

Animals & Conservation

The welfare of animals is intricately linked to the welfare of humans.

Human interaction with animals, together with our treatment of them, directly influences our own health as well as that of the planet. This fact has become an undisputed and pressing social issue, one which carries serious and wide-ranging implications.

Crowded and unsanitary conditions for animals can spread diseases and harm the environment. Conversely, positive interactions with animals enhance our emotional and psychological well-being, fostering empathy and compassion.

Animal welfare isn’t just about individual animals, it’s about preserving ecosystems and biodiversity. Treating animals with respect and care helps maintain the balance of our ecosystems, benefiting both humans and the planet.

To address these issues, we need education, laws, and community involvement. Teaching children empathy and responsibility, enforcing animal welfare laws, and engaging communities in rescue efforts and advocacy are all essential steps. By prioritizing animal welfare, we can create a more compassionate and sustainable world for all.

Children & Education

Yet, within today's children lies the brightest hope for a better future.

They’re more aware and sensitive to global issues than ever before. They bear the weight of our collective neglect but also possess the power to shape the world their own children will inherit.

In a world often driven by profit and politics, and plagued by corruption and neglect, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disempowered. This landscape can be daunting, especially for parents raising families. Concerns about the world we’ll pass on to our children are all too common.

At the Cactus Foundation, we believe in inspiring positive change through the hearts of children.

Our education initiatives bring them closer to nature through special animal visits, shelter tours, storytelling, poems, books, songs, and more.

Community, Environment & Sustainability

At the core of the Cactus Foundation is our commitment to sustainability.

We strive to be self-sustainable, and our local community plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

In Africa, the enormity of need is a daunting challenge. We see global efforts to address food shortages, support displaced people, rescue desperate children, and combat the ongoing environmental devastation. While aid initiatives and funds can offer temporary relief, they often fall short of ensuring long-term sustainability. True empowerment and skills development are vital for communities to become self-reliant.

We prioritize small business development

and empower women from nearby communities to participate in our initiatives.

This not only generates employment but also equips individuals to build their own businesses, contribute to our fundraising efforts, and become part of the solution to the challenges we tackle.

Our activities range from

traditional arts and crafts to creating children’s toys, pet products, home décor items, preserves, organic produce, and nurturing indigenous plant seedlings.

These products are sold through various channels, generating income for participants and funds for our work with children and animals.

In partnership with local authorities, we are committed to providing access to healthcare and offering social and mental health support as needed. Our community center serves as a safe haven for children and everyone in need. Together, we strive for lasting positive change in Africa’s communities.

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Thanks to warriors like you, we fight to give a voice to those most vulnerable in our communities, bringing hope, help, care and kindness to all in need.

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