Phoebe’s story is one of heartbreak and hope. This little puppy was brutally tortured and nearly killed by young children on the instruction of their father. Fortunately her screams of pain as she burned alive were heard by a local lady who immediately rescued her from her days long torture. She was rushed to the vet and treated for several weeks prior to flying to South Africa for multiple specialist surgeries.

Her courage, resilience and affection for all who cared for her was astonishing and her story reached animal lovers far and wide. The out pouring of grief, concern and help for her was overwhelming.

A growing narrative started to build about the tragedy that is the needless abuse and cruelty inflicted on a being incapable of defending itself. It is within itself incomprehensible, however there is an equally enormous and insidious tragedy which is young children being instructed to inflict such horrific levels of violence on another sentient being.

The calling for organisation to assist in the welfare and healthcare of animals and children was clearly needed, so with the story of Phoebe the Clayton Animal and Children Transformation and Upliftment Society was born.

Please check back here to see the full video on Phoebe’s story and how she is doing today, coming soon!

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