We’re delighted to announce that Patricia Schonstein, a leading novelist and poet, has joined our team as Story Weaver. In this role, she writes poems and stories to inspire children to care for each other, the Earth and all creatures.

The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children, her first book for our project, is a collection of some ninety poems, beautifully illustrated in colour by Izak Vollgraaff.

We launched it at the Poetry in McGregor Festival in November 2022. Phoebe, our ambassador for animal rights who gives her name to the collection, was there as guest of honour.

Each copy of the first print run of The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children ‘piggy-backed’ a copy for donation to a child in need, a school or literacy project. In this way we were sure to spread Phoebe’s message of care to a wide audience of young people.

The collection opens with Phoebe’s invitation to open the pages of her book and explore the wonders of the Earth.


PATRICIA READS FOR PHOEBE: ‘Hello! I am a beautiful dog called Phoebe’

Immerse yourself in Phoebe’s Book of Poems for Children as Patricia Schonstein, esteemed novelist and poet, reads Phoebe’s heartfelt invitation with soothing sounds.

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