My name is Phoebe

When I was little, some children hurt me very badly.
I was rescued and loved by kind people. My wounds healed, but I still have scars. I found out that those children hurt me
—not because they were nasty—
but because no one had ever taught them to be kind to animals.

No one had shown them that animals are special. So, now that I am better, I have become a teller of stories and poems to teach
children to love all creatures, great and small, and to care for the Earth. Now, let me tell you about my first book. It is called

The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children

It is full of poems about puppies and kittens, lions and zebras, caring and sharing, hippos and elephants,
fishes and whales, the sun and the moon, stars and peace, joy and trees, this and that!

I would like to invite you to buy a copy for yourself.

When you buy one copy, you will actually be buying two.
Because for every copy I sell, I will give one to a child who has no books and needs to learn to love animals.
This is how I will be able to teach all children to love all living things.
Thanks so much for being my new friend and for helping me with my important work.

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The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children
By Patricia Schonstein
Illustrated in colour
by Izak Vollgraaff
Published by
The Cactus Foundation Africa and African Sun Press | Seed Readers
Cactus Foundation