The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children

Hello! My name is Phoebe. I am the Ambassador of the Cactus Foundation and my mission is to spread a love for the Earth and all her creatures.  

When I was little, some children hurt me very badly. I was rescued and loved by kind people. My wounds healed, but I still have scars. I found out that those children hurt me —not because they were nastybut because no one had ever taught them to be kind to animals. No one had shown them that animals are special. 

So, now that I am better, I have become a teller of stories and poems to teach children to love all creatures, great and small, and to care for the Earth. 

This is my first book and I am so proud of it! It’s full of poems about puppies and kittens, lions and zebras, caring and sharing, hippos and elephants, fishes and whales, the sun and the moon, stars and peace, joy and trees, birds and butterflies, this and that and lots more. 

Please buy a copy for any child you know or for a school. If you like, you can buy one and I’ll send it to a child in need. 

Thanks so much for being my new friend and for helping me with my important work. 

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The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children

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The Phoebe Book of Poems for Children
Patricia Schonstein 

Illustrated in colour by Izak Vollgraaff
Published by The Cactus Foundation Africa and African Sun Press | Seed Readers
ISBN 978-1-77630-654-1
Paperback 104 pages
English Edition 

The Phoebe Book of Poems was launched in November 2022 at the tenth Poetry in McGregor Festival and then at the Cactus Foundation Centre in Lusaka, Zambia. 

Its launch was celebrated through the donation of free copies to many children, thanks to the generosity of kind people who support our vision of teaching children to care for each other and for all living creatures. 

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