The Cactus Foundation paid Twende Education a visit to celebrate Christmas with the children. We offer gratitude to everyone who played a role in making today a reality. Your generous donations, precious time, effort, and steadfast support have made a difference.

The children radiated happiness, and it warms our hearts to witness such pure joy.

Twende Education For All continues to be an unwavering beacon of hope, ensuring that no child is left behind or forgotten.

As a community, Cactus has been a steadfast pillar of support for them. Our commitment to their cause remains, and we will persist in offering our assistance in any way we can.

We encourage the community to join us in this noble endeavor. Your support, in any form, is invaluable and deeply appreciated.

This case study highlights the collaborative efforts and impact Cactus has had in supporting Twende Education For All, underlining its mission to ensure no child is left behind.

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