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Frequently asked questions

Why should I donate to The Cactus Foundation?

Your donation directly supports our mission to protect and provide for animals and children in Africa. It funds vital initiatives such as welfare clinics, education programs, and the establishment of our care centers in Johannesburg and Lusaka.

What impact does The Cactus Foundation have on children's education?

We focus on breaking barriers for young girls by addressing menstruation, hygiene, and reproductive healthcare issues. Your donation helps develop sustainable production of sanitary products and educational programs, improving attendance and educational development for girls in schools.

How do I stay informed about the impact of my donation?

We provide regular updates through newsletters, social media, and our website. You can see firsthand the positive changes your donation makes in the lives of animals and children.

How does my donation help with animal welfare?

Donations contribute to veterinary care, sterilizations, vaccinations, and treatment of strays, ensuring the health and well-being of animals in lower-income areas. Your support also aids in eradicating transmittable diseases between animals and humans.

Can I support specific programs with my donation?

Absolutely! Your donation can be directed towards various programs, including education initiatives, veterinary care, anti-cruelty efforts, and the establishment of our care centers.

Can I contribute by purchasing products from The Cactus Foundation?

Yes! Proceeds from our products, such as traditional arts, children's toys, and pet accessories, go directly to funding our initiatives. By buying our products, you're supporting both the cause and the women involved in our empowerment programs.

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