The Inspiring Journey of Jasper, the Two-Legged Wonder Dog

By Milimo Namangala

Pravin Abraham and Dorie DeGroat adopted a dog named Kaza, who is now known as Jasper. They met Jasper at Loving Hand Veterinary Clinic, located on Upbridgeville Road, where one of their rescue cats had hip surgery and stayed for seven weeks due to complications. During their visits to the clinic, they encountered Jasper, a dog with broken bones, and Dr. Tommy, the veterinarian, introduced them to him.

Despite not being dog people initially, Pravin and Dorie developed a close bond with Jasper during their frequent visits to the clinic. Jasper approached them, seeking their attention and affection. Despite having no previous experience with dogs, they found Jasper to be well-behaved, friendly, and adaptable to living with their five rescue cats.

Jasper proved to be an easy-to-care-for dog, even with his special needs due to missing front legs. The couple ordered a custom wheelchair cart for Jasper from Eddy’s Wheels in Massachusetts, USA, which was brought to them by friends. Jasper initially resisted using the cart but gradually adapted to it.

Jasper also enjoyed playdates with his trainer, Edgar, who had six dogs of his own. With the wheelchair cart, Jasper became proficient at moving around, and he displayed a happy and joyful demeanor. His story highlights the importance of seeing dogs with special needs as capable of living fulfilling lives.

The couple expressed gratitude for organizations like the Cactus Foundation, which rescue and care for animals in need. They emphasized the importance of spaying, neutering, and vaccination programs to address the issue of street animals. Pravin and Dorie believe that caring for animals reflects positively on human beings and appreciate the work Cactus does for animals in their community.

Cactus, the organization from which they adopted Jasper, conducted a site visit to ensure the couple’s suitability as pet parents and provided information about Jasper’s medical history and vaccination requirements. Jeanette from Cactus offered valuable support and recommendations during the adoption process.


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